Oooh, look! A new look!

”Ooh, I just hate the look of this place. No wonder I don’t publish here!”-that was the thought slapping me in the face today. I don’t know if this new look is the right one but at least it’s not as bad.

I’m still in a pants-franty, two more pairs since that first pair! A pair of black jeans chinos and linen summer pants in bright orange. Every time there is a new tweak that improves the end result and I’m actually starting to grab this but-leg-crotch-waist balancing problem, and it’s fun!

The problem with pants is that you have to deconstruct the the pattern and make a whole new toil for every alteration – that’s the only way to evaluate it properly. Thats why I’ve HATED pants in the past!


PS. These are NOT the pants I made! But they’re super cute and I don’t have any pics yet.